Klaus Rottenschlager

Managing Director, Creative Director | kr@rocsgrey.com


I love the craft of wording with its subtleties, which is why I 
AM a night owl, so that I can better feel
WHAT it takes to foster and nurture solid concepts and creative ideas.
I consider myself lucky for all that surrounds me, grateful for the many people that inspire me along my way, and just so happen to 
AM a merciless perfectionist. 
Nonetheless, I know that nobody is perfect - including me. 


Education in business management with a focus on advertising



Nadja Mann

Senior Consultant | nm@rocsgrey.com

I love a good challenge, which is why I 
AM always alert and open to recognize
WHAT it takes for me to successfully guide and conclude new projects.
I take pride in my personal development over the years and 
AM grateful for all my mentors for helping me with reaching my achievements. 
Practice makes perfect. 

Experience brings expertise



Diana Petrovic

PR Consultant | dp@rocsgrey.com

I thrive on variety and the change of pace,
AM creative and find joy in the little things in life.
WHAT inspires me are the people in my life, who also enrich mine.
I love to laugh,
AM full of joy, astute, empathetic and loyal.


Education in international business management



Ivana Puskaric

PR Consultant | ip@rocsgrey.com

I fall in love anew every day with life and its vast offerings,
AM creative, full of life, positive, and open to new ways and
WHAT I can do to optimally solve new challenges.
I am grateful for every experience and opportunity which helped shape me into the person that I
AM and work relentlessly on achieving my dreams.

Spanish, History, Social- and Political Education
Fashion Management





Vanessa Tahödl

Assistant Creative Director | vt@rocsgrey.com

I love creating and shaping things, regardless whether in analog or digital form and
AM the happiest, if I can hold something in my hands that I have conceived.
WHAT fascinates me is how both intuitiv and complex it is to create something.
I get deeply inspired and driven to create by listening or making music, and
AM appreciative to be able to turn concepts and ideas into tangible results, along with colleagues, clients or friends.


Education in Interior Architecture & 3D Design 
Digital Design, with focus on Photography 



Erek Engelberger

Art Director | ee@rocsgrey.com

I love esthetically pleasing things, the visual harmony of form and color, which is why I 
AM utterly enjoying my job. Knowing 
WHAT a client, his/her product and market needs, takes a lot of empathy. 
I love the intellectual exchange with people I collaborate, want to know how they feel and think; when working together like this, we can all learn from each other. What could better? This is the reason why I 
AM a truly passionate commercial graphic designer. 



Katarina Milivojevic

PR Consultant | km@rocsgrey.com

I want to explore the world and broaden my horizon,
AM fascinated by communication which can touch the soul, and that is why I enjoy to communicate and discuss in three languages. I love to see
WHAT social media’s impact is and what can be accomplished by it.
I like to get inspired by others, but I
AM even happier if I can serve as an inspiration for others.

Education in Transcultural Communication
Diploma Programme Social Media Management



Elzbieta Polom

PR Assistant | ep@rocsgrey.com

I enjoy aesthetics. I
AM ever observant: I listen, watch and read.
WHAT does that do to my creativity? It constantly triggers many thoughts and actions.
I never need to search for inspiration, rather it reaches me through many channels on its own. Always finding something positive in everything life throws at me, that is the kind of person I

Education in International Trade & Strategic Management



Veronika Klacanska

PR Assistant | vk@rocsgrey.com

I find great pleasure both in looking at aesthetically pleasing things, may it be in the form of digital-creative content or by meandering through the streets of Vienna, which I
AM choosing to call home these days.
WHAT happens so often in life: that one ends up at a place one did not foresee, so, too, has my journey brought me by ways of artistic side tracks to where
I truly appreciate being: at RocsGrey, I
AM surrounded by inspiring professionals and as PR-Assistant responsible for Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Education in Musicology
Film seminar at Filmschule Vienna


Lea Brajinovic

Social Media Manager | lb@rocsgrey.com

I cherish the unknown,
AM constantly searching for new challenges that help me grow. I love the kind of aesthetics that is comprised of and driven by details and beauty.
WHAT effect this has on social media is a cheeky merger of perfect imperfection.
I love being part of a team, to collaborate on creating new ideas and then making them come alive. I
AM the kind of person who prefers to be underestimated rather than overestimated.



Nicolas Reisinger

Content Creator | nico@rocsgrey.com

I believe that change is the necessity that drives improvement, and this is why I
AM always interested in the pulse of time:
WHAT are the latest trends or how do new things work, and how can
I stay on top of them? If I am interested in something, then I
AM always eager to find out all I can about that topic.

Education in Interior Architecture & 3D Design



Heidi Kroll

Art Director | hk@rocsgrey.com

I prefer working on various projects simultaneously, that is when I 
AM like a duck to water. Challenges allow for growth, just as 
WHAT I believe structure, being able to be creative on demand whilst working efficiently do. 
I also appreciate when I can fully submerge myself into a creative process. For such an endeavor I 
AM preferably alone, in the evening hours. Night time is my time; when inspiration, ideas and thoughts can merge, new things can come alive and find expression. 

Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode (fashion college), Munich
Fashion and communication graphics