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Enticing Herbal Art

Armed with a brush (or rosemary, wheat and lavender) before a blank canvas: we invited selected journalists and influencers on November 21 and 22 to take part at a different kind of PR event. We organized an exclusive Art Night for our client RAUSCH in the silent loft of the Vienna Filmquartier. Alina and Sebastian from CiuCiu Art showed us in a cozy location how to create art using RAUSCH herbs and colors. We all channeled our inner Picassso’s and many lovely pieces of art are now decorating our living rooms.


Breaking the ice

A true Viennese original, combined with Swiss quality: the truly legendary dispatch.
Tichy's apricot ice cream dumplings and the Rausch haircare range, perfect for the summer, were organized, packed and dispatched in a flash. Nourishing, refreshing and surprisingly good.


Ready, steady, shoot!

For Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Split, Dalmatia, we were standing again behind the camera. Capturing the small but lovely details in the hotel, the relaxing atmosphere in the in-house SPALATO spa and the nonchalant mood in the MISTRAL beach club. Now, we're ready and perfectly equipped for the content production on our client's social media channels!


When creativity is bubbling

You can find plenty of sources of inspiration, between mountain scenery and dreamlike architecture. That's why we’re not at all upset if we have to swim along the perfectly tempered pool in between. We give our everything for the perfect shot!


One herb in the hand is worth two in the bush

Our feet among flowers, hands on the camera, a view of greenery as far as the eye can see. A day in our social media team can unfold as a scenic experience.
Side by side with mint, lavender and co. we pose and create in front of, next to and of course behind the camera.


An evening filled with excitement.

And a room filled with wonderful women. And an experience for all senses: lip-smacking vegan cuisine inspired by the new fragrances, summery perfumes, and the most beautiful floral arrangements.

Our ears and hearts were touched by @iamchristlclear s empowering words and @constantly_k s talk about positivity.

What a way to bloom into summer!


South Tyrolean Alpine flair.

We brought the rustic charm of South Tyrol to Vienna, including farmer delicacies right from the farms. We simply enjoyed a great time with interesting talks, some big news, exchange, and laughter. Vacation on a South Tyrol farm – that’s what we all wish for.


Never change a winning team

A longstanding creative collaboration with GAS is the biannual St. Virgil magazine. Resulting in a publication that is always worth the read, it offers critical articles, cutting-edge topics and events. A glimpse into what’s now, what’s new and what’s next.
Klaus is the creative lead, our AD Heidi is working on the graphics.


New name, same game!

Yes, we've changed our agency name from Rottenschlager Consulting + PR to RocsGrey Consulting. Why? The internationality of our team, our clients and the markets in which we are operating, is now also mirrored in our agency name. Just as the affection for design, and the creation of timeless yet modern classics. This is the sustainability aspect of our work.

Despite the modification and changes, we never loose site of what is most important: the utmost quality was, is, and shall remain our main aspiration!