Agency Chit Chat.


Timetravel to Quellenhof

Not the invitation to Hogwarts, but to Quellenhof Leutasch. 
A little less mystical, but just as magical. Wrapped in parchment paper and sealed with wax, each dispatch is an expression of pure luxury. PR through and through.



Deep insights

You rarely like being held up to a mirror. Unless it's in our Betty Barclay mailing. Bringing the inner beauty to the surface: that was the message and idea behind the package. An invitation to reflect.


90 degrees

But not the angle: Celsius! 

During our Quellenhof winter shooting, Felix and Vanessa put themselves and the equipment to the test and captured Quellenhof from every angle between 0 and 90 degrees.



Enticing Herbal Art

Armed with a brush (or rosemary, wheat and lavender) before a blank canvas: we invited selected journalists and influencers on November 21 and 22 to take part at a different kind of PR event. We organized an exclusive Art Night for our client RAUSCH in the silent loft of the Vienna Filmquartier. Alina and Sebastian from CiuCiu Art showed us in a cozy location how to create art using RAUSCH herbs and colors. We all channeled our inner Picassso’s and many lovely pieces of art are now decorating our living rooms.


Whites are balanced at Quellenhof

From sunny Split to snowy Leutasch. This is what a working week in our social media team can look like. Our goal: to create photos and videos in the wintry ambience of the Quellenhof. The result: magical pictures of the spa, the hotel rooms and the snow-covered landscape. Work can be so varied. 


November Sun

... instead of November Rain. How is that possible? By traveling to the Dalmatian coast for content production for the "Radisson Blu Resort Split". We returned with a lot of photo and video material, a slight sunburn and memories of the sea. We will be back. 


We got you covered

Who wouldn't want to be on the cover of Women? It was made easy this year: at Salon Privé, we transformed the Merz Aesthetics stand into an Insta-worthy eye-catcher where guests could put themselves in the limelight - and on the cover of Woman. We definitely ROCed the show. 


Sunshine, Lollipops and Merz Aesthetics

We got you covered! With our photo box on Madonna Beauty Day! The icing on the cake was plenty of colorful sweets, balloons and lots of sunshine in our hearts. 


In bed with Louis

Turn day into night? Yes, even that is possible with RocsGrey. Together with Louis Widmer, we celebrated the launch of a dream duo: The nourishing night cream and the firming eye gel. Our PR wizards quickly transformed our meeting room into a bedroom and invited selected influencers and journalists to the event. It was dreamlike!